Ensure Your Faith-Based Organization Is Prepared to Effectively Communicate During the Current Coronavirus Outbreak and Other Internal and External Crisis Scenarios.

A Message From Palmer Holt - Founder and CEO of InChrist Communications

"It’s imperative that any organization confronted with a crisis -- whether it’s internal or external -- doesn’t shut down communications. The coronavirus outbreak has demonstrated forcefully that it’s absolutely vital to communicate quickly, accurately, and decisively to the public before misinformation leads to potentially catastrophic results. 

No organization should make the huge mistake of waiting until it’s in the middle of a crisis before scrambling to get its message out. The way to protect your organization or ministry is to plan your own crisis communications strategy BEFORE you find yourself in a potential death spiral of negative media and social media backlash. 

Through our extensive experience helping faith-based organizations navigate crisis situations we have developed an easy-to-follow 4-Step framework called SAFE. This framework is designed to help organizations quickly and confidently confront a sudden crisis, communicate clearly to stakeholders, and protect their reputation. 

We are pleased to offer you these free resources that will assist your organization to create an actionable and effective crisis communication strategy. 

I encourage all faith-based organizations and churches not to “go silent” during a crisis such as coronavirus, but instead face the crisis head-on."

-- Palmer Holt, Founder and CEO, InChrist Communications

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InChrist hosts a live Q & A every Monday at 2 p.m. EST to give the faith community’s C-Suite and Christian ministry communicators the opportunity to connect with Palmer Holt, a veteran crisis communicator in the Christian space, and his team. Palmer helped missions agency SIM successfully navigate the Ebola Crisis a few years ago.

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  • On the call, we will break down our 4-step SAFE framework and give you clear actionable steps to take action at your organization right now.
  • Protect your organization or ministry and plan your own crisis communications strategy BEFORE you find yourself in a potential death spiral of negative media and social media backlash.
  • The SAFE framework applies to a range of internal and external crisis scenarios: disease outbreaks, morals, financial, violence, social/political, death of a leader, natural disasters, international kidnappings, coups, civil war, and more.